Open Software Projects

This is a list of known Open Software projects:

  • HashCash - The first completely private, permissionless, true digital cash system.

  • NoodlePay - Send Bitcoin payments from an air-gapped mobile wallet.

  • Unsnoopable - Completely unsnoopable messaging between air-gapped devices.

  • Business::Bitcoin - Perl module to accept Bitcoin payments online.

  • Business::HashCash - Perl module to accept HashCash payments online.

  • Authen::TuringImage - Perl module for image based Turing test (CAPTCHA).

  • Crypt::EC_DSA - Perl module for Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA).

  • Crypt::ECDSA::Blind - Perl module for blind ECDSA signatures.

  • Crypt::RSA::Blind - Perl module for blind RSA signatures.

  • Crypt::EECDH - Perl module for a simple ephemeral ECDH + AES hybrid cryptosystem.

  • Crypt::FDH - Perl module for full domain hash.

  • IPC::Queue::Duplex - Perl module for filesystem based request / response queue.

  • IPC::Serial - Perl module for message passing over serial ports.

Open Software Licenses

Open Artistic License 1.0

Similar to the Artistic License 2.0, without the re-licensing clause, and with a clause allowing for termination of the license to specific entities.

Open Artistic License 2.0

The same as the Open Artistic License 1.0, with an exclusion clause excluding specific entities.

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